Our Presence

Our Presence

Maharashtra and Gujarat -

VRFarmers is a renowned name in the sustainable farming sector with domain over states which include Maharastra and Gujarat to provide services in organic farming, polyhouse farming, supply chain management of agricultural supplies and farming consultancy services. We are dedicated to the development of a NextGen farming technology that adjusts with the variable climate of India. We are also planning on expanding our services beyond Gujarat and Maharastra to adjoining states. We understand that nature has always been a giver and we focus on the use of practices that respect this kind gesture of Mother Nature.

Ecologically intensive art of farming used by us help in providing the best yield to the farmers with a change in the way traditional farming was implemented. The reduced risk for human health as well as environment is our common goal.

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We also cater to provision perfect conditions for the best kind of polyhouse that helps in organic farming.

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