polyhouse manufacturer

polyhouse manufacturer

VRFarmers provides exclusive services in construction of best kind of polyhouse that is effective for better crop yield along with ease of financial investment in the long run. In the generation we see today, the demand for better crops along with chemical-free alternatives has increased substantially. To sum it up, Polyhouse is essentially a semicircular dome that protects your crop from harmful ultraviolet rays while allowing proper photosynthesis to happen. With the use of a polyhouse, you can see a larger amount of crops which are of the best quality.

Polyhouses provided by us include semi-automatic as well as a fully automatic system for better control. Polyhouse is an advanced version of the greenhouse where polyethylene is the main material used for construction.

Benefit of Service!

With the effective and fully functional Polyhouse manufactured by us, you get to experience the following benefits:

  • Relatively less loss of crops with fewer insect attacks or worm infestation.
  • Cleaner environment for crop cultivation.
  • Crops can easily be grown regardless of the season or place.
  • Derive more crop yield from less land.
  • Controlled dispatch of water as well as natural fertilizers to ensure the supply is no less or no more.
  • Prevent any bird or animal from entering the area.

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We also cater to provision perfect conditions for the best kind of polyhouse that helps in organic farming.

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