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Welcome to the V R Farmers

VRFarmers is among the first few urban farming based companies located in India with specialization in organic farming, polyhouse farming, supply chain management, and organic food production. We aim to cater the affordable and right kind of products and toolset for proper farming in a sustainable manner that is good for the environment while yielding best results and surplus crop.

We focus on the economic viability of the agricultural production with all natural bases for the resource. We ensure that all the ecosystems that are influenced by the agricultural activities do not get harmed. Flexible management of risks that are associated with traditional farming is our prime concern.

  • Our services are designed to enhance the productivity seen in the farm for a long duration.
  • Avoidance or minimization of adverse impact on nature while protecting the integrity of all the natural resources involved in farming.
  • Putting a complete halt to the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers that deteriorate the natural soil conditions.
  • Introduction of better ways to increase the net benefit both in monetary and non-monetary terms.
  • Development of natural base for resources.
  • A holistic approach to sustainable agriculture.
  • Low energy input with enhanced financial reward to farmers with high-grade food quality.

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We also cater to provision perfect conditions for the best kind of polyhouse that helps in organic farming.

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