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We provide easy solutions for sustainable farming to ensure the farmers invest less for better productivity without harming the environment.

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Organic Farming: The latest savior

With the help of VRfarmer create the perfect conditions for agriculture without the use of artificial fertilizers and an insect free environment that automatically increases the overall crop yield. Grow the rare crops by creating ideal environment setting with the help of a polyhouse.

VRfarmer is a complete farming solution provider that also provides consulting services to farmers. With an excellent supply chain management system, VRfarmers also exports the products far and wide to cater to the customers who require affordable and customizable farming solutions.

  • Ensure dust free healthy environment for your crops to yield the best out of its potential.
  • Create a picturesque garden with our specialized equipment designed to create regulated environmental conditions.
  • Indulge in some good time amidst the fresh oxygen-rich air generated inside the polyhouse by the plants.
  • Farming is a great non-traditional workout regimen that is known to instill healthy living habits.

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Greenhouse and Organic Vegetables

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Amazing Workout Session with latest farming tech:

As technology is upgrading, people are getting lazier. We understand that hitting a gym could get boring at times. What if we help you turn your hobby into a great workout? Farming as a hobby has found great liking amidst the elder generation looking for stability. VRfarmers provides new equipment and technologies for farming services to make your hobby with more fun.

Farm free from dust with Polyhouse:

VRfarmers provide services for the creation of a polyhouse that helps in restricting the outer environment from entering the inner dome. Inside the polyhouse, you get the feasibility to turn it into an environment that is suitable for a variety of crops that couldn’t grow in the place you live in. You can breathe in the dust free environment close amidst the lap of nature.

Greenery all around with complete farming solutions:

Green is the color of fertility, environment, and freshness. With peace all around, you get to have some alone time all by yourself and breathe in that fresh air when surrounded by plants of varied types all around. At VRfarmers, we provide complete solutions for farming that is organic with least effort required for surplus crops.

Consultation and Management:

VRfarmers also provides consultancy services for any queries and issues regarding farming. We also excel in supply chain management of the products dispatched by us to different parts of the country.

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We also cater to provision perfect conditions for the best kind of polyhouse that helps in organic farming.

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